Our Chems

The main business sectors of Chems are chemicals, plastics, functional chemicals, Agrochemicals and food chemicals, oil and gas.


Chems manufactures a wide range of chemical products such as solvents, synthetic amines, artificial resins, adhesives, electronic chemicals, industrial gases, petrochemical feedstocks and inorganic chemical reagents. The main customers are from the pharmaceutical, construction, textile and automotive industries.


Functional chemicals
Chems manufactures a wide range of functional chemicals, coatings and functional polymers, including raw materials for detergents, textile processing, leather chemicals, pigments and adhesives. Customers come from the automotive, oil, paper, packaging, textiles, sanitary products, detergents, building materials, coatings, printing and leather industries.

Healthy nutrition raw material
Chems is a manufacturer of chemical products for Healthy nutrition raw material and a supplier of fine chemical products for the production of raw materials for the agricultural, animal food, pharmaceutical, daily necessities and cosmetic industries.  Fine chemical products mainly include vitamins, pharmaceutical active substances, pharmaceutical auxiliary substances, Polymer fur hair care and UV protection ingredients in sunscreen.


Animal pharmaceutical industry
Relying on the company’s technical advantages and strategic direction, the company has developed animal disinfectants, mineral elements, etc., and is committed to research, development, production and sales of animal health products, contributing to the nutrition and disinfection of livestock and poultry.


Our Products Showcase

Chems diligently updates and offers over 200 types of compound and a wide range of high-quality research chemicals, including inhibitors, activators, natural products, peptides, antibodies , and novel life-science kits for laboratory and scientific use. In addition, our lab allows us to conduct CADD (computer-aided drug design) and chemical synthesis to meet the customization needs of our clients.